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ORDER OF DRESS: Civilian Dress / Tenue civile

Squadron Standing Orders

Ordres permanentes d'escadron

Commanding Officer's Message

  1. Squadron Standing Orders are promulgated to set out regulations particular to this squadron.
  2. All personnel shall acquaint themselves with, obey, and enforce these orders. Breaches will be dealt with accordingly and ignorance of the contents of these orders will not be accepted as an excuse for failure to obey them.
  3. Personnel are expected to interpret the Squadron Standing Orders intelligently, bearing in mind that no order can provide for every situation or emergency or replace sound judgment and efficient supervision. Personnel are expected to use their common sense in unusual or emergency situations.
  4. Throughout this publication, the use of the term “cadet" shall be assumed to include cadets of any rank, except where the situation so dictates.

Adam Colbourne
Commanding Officer

These Standing Orders will be in effect upon publication. Any suggestions for changes must be made in writing to the Squadron Commanding Officer.


1. Aim

These orders are promulgated in order to define the aspects of the unit organization, regulations and terms of reference that do not change frequently and promote the efficient operation of the Squadron.

2. Boundaries

Where physical location is important, these orders have effect within the areas and buildings allocated to the Squadron, including the designated areas of the St. Albert Community Hall, and all other locations used from time to time by the Squadron.

3. Boundaries

These orders are issued by the Commanding Officer (533 St. Albert RCACS) and have effect on all personnel on strength with or attached to this unit while on any Cadet Activity within the boundaries defined above. These orders supplement any orders issued by NDHQ or the Cadet Training Division. These orders also will apply to any visiting officers or cadets while in the squadron areas of the St. Albert Community Hall and in attendance of a 533 St. Albert RCACS function.

4. Distribution and Amendment

These orders will be in effect upon promulgation and supersede any previous orders that may have been issued. A physical copy of these orders will be available at the Administration Office, and electronic copies will be available on the squadron's website ( and the squadron's OneDrive file sharing service. it is the responsibility of all personnel to read and become familiar with these orders. Knowledge of these orders will be assumed from the date of promulgation and lack of such familiarity will not constitute excuse or contravention.

These orders will be amended as required. All suggestions for amendment must be submitted to the CO in writing, either on paper or by email, and will be promulgated as necessary. All the above references will apply equally to all amendments.

5. Conflict

If a conflict occurs between these orders and an order or regulation promulgated by another Canadian Forces Organization (NDHQ, RCSU (NW), etc.) or an authorized civilian organization (Air Cadet League, Police, etc.), the higher authority shall prevail.

6. Gender

In 533 St. Albert RCACS Standing Orders, words imparting the masculine shall include the feminine gender, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

7. Authority

The Commanding Officer of 533 St. Albert RCACS, under the authority of QR&Os article 4.20, issues the 533 St. Albert RCACS Standing Orders.

8. Standards

Cadets should learn respect for having honor and character. A cadet should possess such qualities as loyalty, honesty, obedience, perseverance and respect of the rights of others. These desirable qualities will be a product earned through association and training. A strong effort put forth by each cadet in squadron activities and training, will have a profound effect in molding an excellent cadet & good citizen.

100. Personnel

101. Duties and Responsibilities

102. Command and Control

103. Chain of Command

104. Duty Personnel

105. Appointments

200. Squadron Operations

201. Squadron Routine

202. Dress Regulations

203. Staff Deportment

204. Paying of Compliments

205. Canteen

206. Classroom Upkeep

207. Use of Private Vehicles

208. Recruiting

209. Merits and Demerits

210. Disciplinary Procedures

211. Extra Duties

300. Squadron Exercises and Activities

301. General

302. Exercise Participation

303. Permission Forms

304. Kit Lists

305. Familiarization Gliding

306. Familiarization Flying

307. Physical Fitness Training

308. First Aid Training

309. Survival and SurvivAir Training

310. Band Training/Participation

311. Marksmanship Training (CCOMCS)

312. Biathlon Training (CCOBCS)

313. Effective Speaking Training

314. Drill Team Training

314. Ground School Training

400. Uniform and Stores

401. Care and Use of Uniforms

  1. No member shall wear a uniform unless on a Squadron activity authorized by the CO.
  2. No item shall be glued to a uniform. All items will be sewn and placed in accordance with regulations.
  3. Parents are responsible for the loss of items of uniforms and may be subject to reimburse the crown for losses.
  4. Due care will be taken when washing the air Cadet uniform.

402. Training Stores

  1. The Sup O in conjunction with the Trg O shall maintain an inventory and be accountable for all items I in Training Stores.
  2. All items will be signed out of Training Stores on a temporary loan card.

403. Care and Use of Equipment

  1. All equipment used by squadron personnel shall be used diligently and only in its prescribed manner.
  2. Care shall be taken to ensure that items are returned clean, dry and properly stored.

500. Facilities

501. General

  1. 533 St. Albert RCACS will conduct training parades on Thursday evenings from 01 Sep - 30 Jun of each training year at the St. Albert Community Hall (17 Perron Street, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada). The times will be from 1815-2145hrs. The St. Albert Community Hall may be used at other times and days. These must be booked in advance and will be promulgated in Routine Orders.

502. Visitors

  1. All visitors to the squadron must report to the Administration Office upon arrival to the facility. In the event that training is not held at the St. Albert Community Hall, visitors must check in with the Officer In Charge.

503. Other Facilities

  1. 533 St. Albert RCACS will arrange from time to time to acquire alternate facilities to conduct training. All personnel will follow the rules governing the use of these facilities by their owners. Failure to do so may cause the loss of future use of these facilities.

504. Cleanliness and Security

  1. All facilities used by 533 St. Albert RCACS will be left in a clean condition at all times.
  2. All facilities will be properly secured prior to 533 St. Albert RCACS departing them.

600. Security

601. General

  1. The DCO, by appointment of the CO, is responsible for the overall security of the unit. All personnel shall report to the DCO on all matters regarding security.
  2. All Officers, CIs, CVs and cadets are responsible for ensuring the security of DND and squadron property.
  3. The disclosure of CF/DND information or personnel information is controlled, and subject to the Need to Know principle. All requests for information from non-DND agencies shall be referred to the RCSU (NW) PAO for handling in accordance with Chapter 29 of SECURITY ORDERS for DND and the CF.
  4. Good security is accomplished through understanding and compliance. All personnel must be made knowledgeable about security and be motivated to comply with security orders and practices. All new personnel shall, as part of their in-clearance, be briefed by the CO about squadron security principles and their personal responsibility to preserve unit security.

602. Physical Security

  1. At the end of each training parade, all Squadron Duty Personnel are responsible for ensuring the Cadet unit filing cabinets and doors are secure before leaving. A check will be made of all Squadron areas, even if they haven’t been occupied during the parade.
  2. During optional training parades, the OIC shall ensure that the above security measures are followed.
  3. Doors to the various rooms shall be left closed and locked at all times unless a facility is in use.
  4. The last person to leave the Squadron LHQ will ensure that the office is secure and that the outside door is properly closed.
  5. Stores are the responsibility of the Sup O. Material and Equipment is for Squadron use only and shall be signed out by the Sup O to Squadron personnel only, without prior authorization from the CO.
  6. The CO strictly controls access to the weapons lock-up and ammunition stores. Personnel authorized specifically by the CO will only handle small arms and ammo. A responsible person designated by the CO shall guard weapons being transported continuously.
  7. The DCO will maintain and control all unit keys and access cards by means of a key register. Lost keys will be reported as soon as possible to the CO for appropriate action (i.e. lock changes).


Squadron Standing Orders
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