6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

NEXT PARADE NIGHT: Thursday, October 24, 2019
ORDER OF DRESS: C-6 (Sports Dress / Tenue de sport)

Become a Cadet

Devenir un cadet

2019 Information Session and Open House

533 St. Albert RCACS will be holding it's start-of-year information session and open house on Thursday, September 12, 2019! For both parents and youth, we'll give everyone a chance to meet the staff, hear and see what the program is about, receive assistance in completing the required paperwork and have any questions answered, plus interact with some of the current cadets as the demonstrate some of the many parts of the cadet program. If you or someone you know is looking for an exciting program to get involved in, make sure you're at the St. Albert Community Hall by 7:00 PM to find out all of the details!

Interested in Joining?

533 St. Albert RCACS parades from September to June of each year, and new recruits are always welcome! Feel free to drop by on any Thursday night to check out what our program is all about... perhaps even bring a friend with you! If you enjoy what you see and are interested in joining, you'll just need the following three things in order to register:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Health Care Card
  • Parent/Guardian to Sign Paperwork

To learn more about 533 St. Albert RCACS, check out the following links! (Links will open in a new tab/window)

Complete the Registration Form

Get ahead of the game! Complete the registration form on your computer, then print and bring it with you when you show up - it'll make the entire process much faster! Until this form is properly completed and handed to squadron personnel, including all required documents, the applicant may not be authorized to participate in Cadet training and activities.


Application for Membership
Download (378 KB)

In Section 3, write the applicant's official surname(s) and given name(s) as they appear on official identification documents. No nicknames.

In Section 5, check "Yes" if a judge has ordered the applicant not to handle certain objects, not be near certain individuals, etc.

In Section 6:

  • list all of the applicant's parents, whether or not they live at the same address
  • if there are more than two parents, write their name and particulars on a sheet of paper and attach it to the form
  • specify every parent's access rights (also called "visitation rights" and "outing rights")

Printing Your Completed Application Form

When printing your application form, please ensure that you select "Fit" under "Paper Size and Handling" to ensure that the form prints properly. The application is designed for legal sized paper (8.5" x 14"), so this will ensure proper printing on letter sized paper (8.5" x 11").

Documents to Provide

Provide a copy of one of the following pieces of identification on the applicant:

  • a valid Canadian passport; OR
  • a birth certificate; OR
  • a valid resident card; OR
  • a valid identification card issued by a Canadian provincial or federal government agency

Note: The provincial health insurance card is not accepted.

If, in Section 5, you check "Yes", provide a copy of the court or tribunal decree or judgement.

If, in Section 6, under "Access Rights", you check "Limited", provide a copy of the relevant pages from the court decree or judgement or separation agreement.

Membership Conditions

A cadet:

  • is expected to participate in training activities and follow regulations, orders and instructions
  • is expected to take good care of all items of clothing and equipment issued to them, to safeguard and return them when requested to do so
  • is expected to to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of others
  • may end their membership with the cadet squadron at any time
  • may be expelled from the cadet squadron if they commit a serious breach of discipline
  • is no longer eligible to be a member of a cadet squadron when they turn 19

Parents Responsibilities

Parents of a cadet:

  • are required to notify the cadet squadron's commanding officer of any changes to the information collected on the application form without delay
  • are responsible for all items of clothing and equipment issued to their child and required to return them when requested to do so
  • may be required to support cadet squadron activities, as requested by the local sponsor