6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

NEXT PARADE NIGHT: Thursday, October 24, 2019
ORDER OF DRESS: C-6 (Sports Dress / Tenue de sport)

"The Sabre" Squadron Coin

Pièce de l'escadron "Le Sabre"

"The Sabre" was officially brought into the squadron in January 2008, by order of then Commanding Officer, Maj Bentley Barr. It is to be awarded once annually, usually during the CO’s Parade in November, to coincide with Cadet Week.

The face of the Sabre is emblazoned with the crest of 533 St. Albert RCACS. On the reverse side of the coin is the likeness of the CF 86 Sabre aircraft, which saw active service with the RCAF. Each coin is numbered and will be awarded to a particular person.

For a cadet to be eligible to receive "The Sabre", he/she must:

  • hold a minimum rank of FCpl
  • have been member of 533 St. Albert RCACS for at least 3 years
  • have at least 70% attendance in the past twelve months
  • be on parade (or duly excused), in order to properly accept their "Sabre"

For a staff member or volunteer to be eligible to receive "The Sabre", they must have been a regular member of the squadron staff for a minimum of two years.

In addition, only by order of the Commanding Officer, "The Sabre" may be awarded to dignitaries, honoured guests or worthy patrons of 533 St. Albert RCACS. 

By accepting this coin, "The Sabre", whether cadet or staff member, a person reaffirms their commitment to strive toward the Air Cadet motto – To Learn, To Serve, To Advance.

Also, upon receipt of "The Sabre", whether Cadet or Staff, a person must restate a portion of the Swearing in Ceremony by stating: “It is my solemn duty to serve my Squadron loyally, honouring my Queen, my country, & my flag”.

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